Entrepreneurship Academy

What do you think of when you hear the word Entrepreneurship? Our mission is to promote and foster entrepreneurship among students at Jönköping University. Through workshops, lectures and events, our vision is to enable students to turn their ideas into a reality. The two primary events that we host are the new venture fair Entrepreneurship Day and the student competition JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Our story and members

In 2017, JSA Entrepreneurship Academy was established by students at Jönköping International Business School with the purpose of engaging, inspiring and supporting students in the area of entrepreneurship. We hold lectures, workshops and events with companies and entrepreneurs to provide students with the help, tools and support needed when turning their ideas into reality. Our two primary events are Swedish Entrepreneurship Day and Entrepreneurship Challenge. Below you can see coming events.

Entrepreneurship challenge

Entrepreneurship challenge is a 24-hour innovation-race! The purpose of the challenge is to stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary thinking and team building.


A pre-mingle at La Vue with the purpose to find some team members for the upcoming E-challenge.


At InspireJU a case in collaboration with NA-KD was held, and after the case, we welcomed all students to an inspiring lecture together with Niklas Ivarsson, global head of licensing at Spotify.

Entrepreneurship day

The annual entrepreneurship fair for the bachelor students to present their venture projects!

Become succesful!

Entrepreneurship Academy want to develop the entrepreneurial mindset at Jönköping University. Therefore, we are here for you!
If you have any questions regarding Entrepreneurship Academy or if you want to get in touch with us just send us an email and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions contact entrepreneurship.jsa@js.ju.se for further information.

Some of our entrepreneurs

  • Daniel Ek
  • Ivar Kruger
  • Niklas Zennström
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